Project Description

Residential building, Al Zorah, Ajman, UAE

Residential building of 216 apartments on 17 plans for a total of 30.000 sqm. On the ground floor there are restaurants and a pedestrian gallery. There are also 5 underground floors used for parking. The concept draws inspiration from the earth (desert), from culture (traditions, rules), from Arab architecture. The principle of the Koran on beauty and harmony, the symbolic meaning, spiritual power and the relationship with the natural environment are the basis of the concept. One of the most characteristic architecture of the place is the "wind towers". In this deserted place, we imagined a building composed of "towers", ready to dominate the local winds. A wind above all is the "shamal". The new residential "towers" (vertical elements such as "palm oasis") live in symbiosis with the ground floor, which will house the restaurants (horizontal element). The vertical elements (towers) and the horizontal element (ground floor) meet creating an "Axis Mundi", that is the center of the universe (center of the lot). One of the main features of the concept is the supporting structure consisting of "pillars and plates" that allow to create completely free and easy to complete plans. In this way, each floor can have different types of apartments. The facades of the building are characterized by a simple three-dimensional geometry characterized by horizontal and vertical elements, inspired by the simple geometry of Arab architecture or three-dimensional decorations such as "muqarnas". The material used is mainly in wood. A "white statuary" marble for the base. The terminal part of the towers is in "titanium finish" as are all the metal elements. The facades will be characterized by an important "light design" that will give the building, at night, a strong personality. The ground floor will be rich in vegetation, to give a continuum to the existing vegetation. The minimal and modern style, delivery to the future, new "Torri del Vento". This concept defines an architecture made of buildings, which together define the beauty and naturalness of the place, evoking the "burj al hawwa".

Client R Holding - Charlestate (UAE)
Collaborations Lebanon Partner Office - Project Management I Studio A & A associate (Italy) - visual design I Studio A & A associate (Italy) - architectural design
Year 2017